Switch - Cancellation Service

Imagine changing washroom services supplier. It’d be all small print, dates, last invoices, money to sort out, and technical bits that give you a headache. Heck, you’d need to be a lawyer, an accountant and possibly a plumber just to carry out everyday tasks like changing banks or using a new energy company. That’s why they always do it for you.

Just like we do at Woosh. Yep, we offer a cancellation service. It takes all the stress, hassle and frustration out of changing suppliers and it’s as easy as “Sign here please, Madam.” Or Sir. Oh, and it’s free. That’s why so many of our customers used it when they changed to us. They thought it was as easy as pie. And twice as tasty. It’s win-win. Get on the blower to find out more.


Switch over! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

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Agree on priceGive Woosh permission to work on your behalfWoosh arrange cancellation & changeover date


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