Soap Dispenser Service

Soap dispensers destined to keep employees happy

A soap dispenser service is one of the smartest things you can do to keep your hands clean as a new pin. Why? Dispensing soap properly is key to keeping hands clean. These nifty little machines put the kibosh on the spread of germs better than any other soap strategy because they ensure contact between dirty hands and surfaces is minimised. A wall mounted soap dispenser is even better because these ensure that soap is kept at the right temperature and ensures consistency of the soap keeping it off the counter top and making the washroom look neater.

The quest to keep bathrooms EVERYWHERE clean

Woosh Washrooms want to keep EVERY bathroom clean, yes even that convenient shrubbery you squat behind when camping in the great outdoors i.e. the environment. Woosh Washrooms has conjured up many ways to keep bathrooms clean the socially responsible way. Our soap dispenser service is making life simpler, better and cleaner for building managers, FM managers, office workers and the general public all over Britain. Whether you want foam soap dispensers, liquid soap dispenser, no touch automatic soap dispensers, wall mounted soap dispenser, or the finest hand soap loaded with exquisite fragrances and essential oils but free of SLS and parabens (nasty little chemicals) then Woosh Washroom can help you.

The Woosh Washrooms soap top up service just makes sense. You will never have to remember to order soap again. Simply pay a one off yearly fee and Woosh will provide you with a soap dispenser, all the soap needed for the year as well as a service call by a smiling woosh customer care executive every 4 weeks.

The environmentally friendly washroom company

The Woosh Washroom service is great because it achieves so many good things at once…..clean hands, a simpler life for you, happy staff and clients, a smaller impact on the environment and a reduced carbon footprint in your supply chain. The environment matters to us at Woosh Washrooms because we are an environmentally responsible lot. It’s simple, being socially and environmentally responsible (we like to call it Being Kind to people and the planet). It makes us feel good, and it will make you feel good too.

Always Replenished With Woosh Washrooms

To make your life as simple as possible, and as happy as possible for your clients and staff then get in touch we would love to hear from you. We want to help you and care for all your needs so check out what else we can do for you. Maybe a free, no obligation site visit and quote or just call us for a chat.

Create the best impression of your business, use someone who thinks outside your box, dares to think different and be different and helps keep you ahead of the race in your own game then you have to meet Woosh Washroom.

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