Woosh Washroom Services – Why we’re different


Complimentary maintenance package

We check all facilities by hand. Scratches, scrapes, bashes and bumps. You’ll get new ones. No questions asked.


Direct access to senior management

Call some companies and you’ll get passed from Ms Pillar to Mr Post. Call us with your issue (we hope you never have one) and you’ll get straight through to senior management, who have to do something. Cos they’ve got no one else to blame.


Flexible contracts

One year? Six months? Our contracts are gymnastically flexible.


Your sales person is your Account Manager

We don’t make naughty promises just to get your signature.


Real-time scanning

We like our clients. That’s why we let you log in to your own portal and have a nosey at what we did and when. It’s as transparent as a fish tank without the algae. It’s also great for managers with more than one site who need to quickly see what’s going on without relying on anyone else.


Flexible payment terms

Finance your way.


Woosh is radical. Woosh is new. Woosh washroom services wash away the old and blasts in the new like a power shower cutting through the corporate grime.

A day in the life of a Wooshologist!