Our Purpose

Our Purpose

The Woosh vision…

We will Woosh washrooms faster, cleaner and greener. We’ll care more, do more and give more to ensure we’re the best. Along the way, we’ll show we’re human, with hearts, minds and an appetite for cheesy biscuits. We’ll build relationships that last and show kindness, whether it’s to the people we meet or the planet we live on.


Core values

Be kind

Woosh believes that being kind costs nothing and a smile can go a long way. From ‘ere to ‘ere, in fact. We know that everyone is somebody’s someone. And everyone deserves fair treatment and a big hug from time to time. But being kind doesn’t end with people. No, sir. The planet needs hugs, too. We’ve researched this good and long and there are few alternatives to Planet Earth. That’s why rain forests love us and we’re 100% carbon-conscious.

Be true

At Woosh, personal dedication is behind everything we do. Gluing it all together is the desire to be true. Keeping promises, being transparent and being truthful builds trusting relationships. And they’re the best kind.

Fly high

Attitude is a must at Woosh. A positive one, obviously. A determination to win and to constantly improve is also expected if you’re part of our team. So, learn with us, change for the better, share new ideas, roll up your sleeves, abandon your preconceptions and let’s fly high together.

Core values

Social reponsibility

It seems society is less community, more commodity these days. We’re more likely to turn someone in than do a good turn.

At Woosh, we think that’s a bit of a shame. So we do our bit. We’re particularly fond of the front-line heroes who keep us out of peril’s way. We also admire those who fight ill-health with such determination and strength. We think these people a real inspiration. That’s why we often donate a penny or two from our modest profits.

We’re fond of our local communities, too. After all, where else can you buy stamps and have a good old natter? That’s why we help out with flexible hours for people who struggle to work full-time. And it’s why we get stuck in with some local schools, lending a hand and a van or two, stretching our legs on sponsored walks with the kids – and firing up the barbie at the end.

The analysts call it corporate social responsibility. We just see it as being kind.

Front line heroes



Woosh Wonga goes to some very good causes


  • Wilshire Air Ambulance
  • Army benevolent fund
  • Cystic fibroses
  • RNLI
  • McMillian Cancer
  • Combat Stress