Medical Bins/ First Aid

Handling the Hazardous

When there’s hazardous and clinical waste knocking around, you can’t just go binning it anywhere. If your workplace deals with the likes of tissue and bodily fluids or syringes and needles, you need somewhere safe to dispose of it. That’s where our medical bins / first aid bins come in handy.

While you definitely wouldn’t want to find it anywhere near your employees, there’s more to medical waste than that. There’s a lot of health & safety around medical waste and offensive waste so it’s pretty darn important that you’re disposing of it legally. The government is strict on this sort of stuff, so if you’re not sure what to do give us a call and Woosh Washrooms will help!

The rules

You might not be one to follow the rules. You could even say they’re there to be broken. But we don’t advise that when it comes to public facilities. Under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 all organisations need to have a clear strategy for how they separate, store, transport and dispose of clinical waste, medical bins and sharps bins. Well, guess what? To help make sure you don’t end up spending the night in a cell, we can provide some snazzy waste bins and a washroom service that comply with all UK regulations.

What is classed as clinical waste?

All this talk of clinical and medical waste and no one has had the decency to explain exactly what it is.

It’s defined as any waste that consists of:
• human or animal tissue
• blood or other bodily fluids
• excretions
• drugs or other pharmaceutical products
• swabs or dressings
• syringes, needles and other sharps

The first place many people think of when talking about clinical waste is a hospital, but it can come from a number of sources. It’s not just doctors dealing with this sort of stuff; the dentist or the vet may also produce clinical waste as well as a company’s first aid room.

So, what’s hazardous waste?

There is a difference. People may interchange the terms clinical and hazardous when referring to medical waste, but they’re different. Hazardous waste is something that might be harmful to human health or the environment. In 2005, the Hazardous Waste Regulations came into force. But don’t worry, whether you’re producing clinical waste or offensive waste woosh can provide waste bins to suit your needs. So give us a call and speak to some real people.

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