Hand Dryers

Woosh Washroom Hand Dryers

Wet hands are one of the culprits for the spread of germs. To prevent workplace illness and to improve employee satisfaction, boffins have found a windy way to ensure these little germ spreaders are clean and dried in moments. That Wooshing sound, those jets of air, they are the sound of hand dryers, my friend. A must have tool in the 21st century.

To the highest hygiene degree, and beyond

Woosh Washrooms aims to provide a work environment that makes your life easier and hand dryers will do just that. These marvelous little whirring wind machines are now essential corporate kit; converting wet hands into dry and clean ones within moments. You might be asking, are they really that important? Well here at Woosh, we rank them right up there with oxygen.

Eco Hand dryers

Gone are the days when trying to dry your hands with a hand dryer was like having an asthmatic mouse cough on you, oh no……in today’s world of electronic gizmos Woosh can give you hand dryers with so much GO that it’s like drying your hands in the slip stream of an A380. You might think that’s impressive then you can have your very own wall mounted jet engine in your washroom with serious energy efficiencies that can save money and the planet. We believe in mind boggling drying speeds which can be as little as 10 seconds all with a design that wouldn’t look out of place in the Tate Modern.

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