Feminine Hygiene

Keeping it clean, legally speaking

Offering your female visitors access to feminine hygiene products and other emergency items is a must these days. However, it’s also important that you provide somewhere to dispose of such waste. There are a few rules around feminine hygiene disposal your business needs to comply with. These include The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, The Water Industries Act 1991, and the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Fear not, Woosh sanitary bins do just that.

You’ll even get a certificate from Woosh to say everything was done as it should be. You’ll need to keep hold of this to comply with UK legislation. To keep your washrooms up to regulation and safe for your female visitors, we recommend that you contact us to find out a bit more about how Woosh can help you.

The Woosh Sanitary Hygiene Bin

In the sanitary hygiene and washroom service industry, it is without a doubt that Woosh has the best hygiene service, attention to detail and the most consideration for our clients. Our impressive list of loyal clients speaks for itself. That’s why we ensure that you always get sanitary bins that are in perfect working order, squeaky clean and smell as fresh as a daisy. Every sanitary bin is manually inspected before it is loaded onto our WooshVans and if it isn’t up to the Woosh standard then it is corrected or replaced. Every Woosh facility has a free maintenance contract so if it is looking worn out or scruffy then it will not be installed. We ensure you get the best.

Passionate about the environment

Woosh Washrooms waste disposal solutions help ladies dispose of their feminine care products in an environmentally friendly way. Our female hygiene bins ensure that any waste is disposed of safely, rather than down the loo. What’s more, they’re scented. Woosh Washrooms’ feminine hygiene disposal bins contain a deodorising liquid that ‘Wooshes’ those nasty odours away so your washroom is left smelling like a rose. Our waste disposal bags are a must. They really help in with controlling germs, improving hygiene and maximising odour control.

Like to talk to a Wooshologist?

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