Planet Woosh – Not just green wash

These days, it’s a bit trendy to say how environmental you are. It’s all a bit ‘me too’. We aim to exceed all legislative requirements? Check. Invest in sustainable products? Check. Protect the vole population? Check.

At Woosh, we rarely hug trees. But we do want to be friends of the planet and think it’s a beautiful place to hang out. So we use biodegradable chemicals across all of our washroom services. If they get into the water system, they’ll break down. We rigorously assess our supply chain for green credentials.


We’ve also never harmed any voles. 

Yo! I’m Keith the whale. I eat with my mouth open. Yes, my mouth gets full of water… you say yuk! But I say no! Thanks to Woosh and their non-harmful bio-degradable chemicals, it tastes great.

Woosh get my vote. They really do care more, do more and give more.  great

Woosh Environment

Hi! I’m a tree. Think of me as a sky scraper of the natural world. I’m multi-tenanted. I’ve 2 snakes, an army of ants, 1 sloth and a toucan. Quite a little community really and I’m still standing thanks to Woosh

Hello  I’m a penguin, and I’m very relaxed…. Why? Because Woosh’s carbon footprint is so low I don’t have to get all heated up campaigning. I’m just chilling out down south.